Kinekt Seatpost BodyFloat Kinekt 2.1
Stay in the Saddle to Ride Harder, Faster for Longer!  The Body Float 2.1 suspension seatpost from Kinekt is a system that’s mounted with springs that are fitted beneath the saddle of your electric bike, it corresponds to every model....
ShockStop Suspension Stem
The minimal, subtle design blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of modern road bikes. The patent-pending ShockStop Suspension Stem smooths out road imperfections, reducing fatigue and strain. Whether you're on a local group ride, or exploring gravel back roads, the ShockStop...
Zefal Z Console Dry Phone Case
This waterproof smartphone holder protects the phone against rain and dirt The phone screen is always accessible using the Z Console Dry M's tactile window and also allows you to take photos and videos. The Z Console Dry M is...
$65.20 $62.50
Evo Anti-Theft
Protect your bike Greatly reduces the chance of wheel or seatpost theft by replacing your existing quick-release wheel and seat clamp skewers with these anti-theft skewers. Use the included special but "non-unique" key to loosen or remove your wheels or...
Saris Bike Beam
Bridges the gap from stem to seat tube By creating a virtual top tube for specialty frames, the Bike Beam lets you bring any bike along for the ride. The Saris Bike Beam simplifies carrying unique bicycle frames such as...
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