Since penetrating the market more than a decade ago by selling only bike conversion systems, the brand has evolved significantly. From 2008 BionX has become synonymous with technical innovation and quality products. Today, 

BionX is a Canadian maker of electronic parts for eBikes. It has gained reputation for being technically innovative and producing highest quality products. Throughout the history of the company, some of the biggest bike manufacturers like Trek, Kalkhoff, and Wheeler, to name a few, offered BionX powered products.

Discover new possibilities

BionX gives you a unique feeling and above all the freedom to choose how far you want to go. Their intelligent systems give you the ability to ride further while spending less energy. Our versatile products are suitable for almost all types of physical conditions, from professional athlete to recreational cyclist. Whether you're traveling as a couple or as a group, BionX puts everyone on an equal level. 

BionX promotes electric mobility, and a sustainable, clean and quiet technology. Proportional assistance prevents joint wear, and is beneficial to your cardiovascular system. Whether you are looking for an electric bike for urban or leisure travel, whether you want a system that can offer you good climber performance: you will like to ride with a BionX.

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