Gilles Berthoud

Hand-made leather saddles of remarkable quality and exceptional beauty

Gilles Berthoud leather saddles are made from high quality materials and great attention to detail. Each cowhide is individually  selected for its appearance and quality, and undergoes a natural process of vegetable oil-tanning. The saddles are made from 5mm thick leather, which over time molds your bones into the saddle, creating the utmost comfort. The leather is manually pre-softened, reducing the time you need to get into the saddle. The cowhide is waterproof, ensuring endless total comfort. 

The frame is made of poly-carbonate, making the saddle flexible, while retaining its strength and durability. Rails are available in titanium or stainless steel. A metal ring under the leather saddle, ensures that the rails do not bend out of the pedaling form at high-torque. On the undercarriage, a leather tension system, allows riders to increase or decrease the tension of the leather, with a simple Allen wrench. An ingenious system involving recessed brass washers (with the name Gilles Berthoud engraved on them) and screws, allow for the leather to be attached to the frame. 

While most leather saddles use hammered rivets for the attachment of the leather to the leather saddle frame, the Gilles Berthoud saddle uses another technology, which enables the cyclist to quickly and easily change the leather top, using an Allen wrench. 

Each saddle is equally delivered with a serial number engraved by laser on the washer found on its tip. 

With an advanced technology and a high attention to detail, Gilles Berthoud saddles are the ultimate choice in comfort, quality, durability and style. Suitable for both experienced and new cyclists.

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