Kalkhoff Agattu B7

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Affordable, Bosch powered electric city bike

Kalkhoff comes with all of the accessories you need for commuting in rain or shine along with several comfort upgrade

The Agattu B7 is a maneuvarable urban eBike, with a Bosch Performance Line motor, 400 wh Bosch Powerpack, and 26" stable wheel size, in addition to its comfortable upright riding position, and easy step-through frame.

Integrated LED lights, with an aimable headlight, keep you visible and help you navigate in the dark. As well, the reflective tires on these electric bikes provide a larger visual footprint so cars notice you.

Internally geared hub keeps the bike frame clean and is less likely to take damage at crowded bike racks or in the event of a tip, the chain should stay on track as well. Available in two sizes with separate wheel sizes to provide a great fit, the rear rack mounted battery isn't as balanced as mid-frame, Bosch Performance Line motor is zippy and responsive

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