KOOLSTOP Patins de freins Magura HS33
KOOLSTOP Replacement pads  Magura HS33SA Salmon - One of the most aggressive compounds for extreme all weather conditions especially in the wet conditions. KOOLSTOP Patins de frein Magura HS33SA Saumon - L'un des composés les plus agressifs pour les conditions...
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Magura Rim Brake Pads Red
BRAKE PADS, RED High braking power – Your bike is daily in use in all weather conditions. Many traffic lights and stops require the maximum power of your brakes. race oriented brake pad for all HS-Brakes incompatible with HS33 Urban 4...
Magura Storm Rohloff Speedhub Disc Rotor
Magura Storm Rohloff Speedhub Disc Rotor, 180mm, 4 bolt pattern The Storm HC rotor is designed for extreme use and unparalleled braking performance under high braking forces.
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