BionX DL Battery, DownTube
DL Battery, classic shape (compatible with DX and DL dockings) 48V, 6.6Ah, 317Wh ,Black, 2 keys included. For DownTube installation (no docking included) IMPORTANT; this DL battery model is using the standard docking station. 
Coming soon
BionX G2 Controller (No Docking)
G2 Controller, Black. Comes pre-programmed with firmware rev 64. No docking included!
BionX Rear Rack RL Battery
Only for 48V BionX system CANBUS technology battery High quality battery made by renown brand manufacturer (Sony or Samsung) Long lasting battery good for many cycles when the maintenance is done properly BionX, 48V X 6.6Ah Battery for rear rack,...
$549.99 $499.99
BionX Trek RIDE+ Pro controller
BionX Trek RIDE+ Pro Controller usually used on Trek bicycles. It is using the same docking as the G2 controller 01-3205 and can be used on non Trek bikes. Only the controller, no docking included.
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