Quantum CR18

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The Quantum foldable electric bike CR18 is distinguished by its lightness, its power, its complete integration and finally, its price.

The majority of CR18 components are fabricated in aluminium, weighing a mere 19 Kgs. The electric console enables you to attain speeds of 32 KM/hr if you so choose. Moreover, this bike comes with 2.8 Kenda tires, each of which have a reflecting band.


A 10.4 Amp LG battery fits neatly inside the frame of this bicycle. This folding electric bike allows for a simple and convenient recharge. One can either charge it through the opening on the left side of the frame or remove the battery from the frame entirely. This means you can bring the battery with you and charge it wherever you please. A full charge lasts 55 kms.


This folding eBike has a 350 watt rear wheel motor, that allows for a fast and efficient propulsion start. The aforementioned electric console has 9 speeds; this permits the user to comfortably control exactly what speed he would like to ride at. 


This folding electric bike occupies a space of 91 cm length by 46 cm width, and 66 cm in height. Which means it can easily fit into the trunk of any car (I’m looking at you, Smart Car drivers) or into a small nook in your apartment.


The battery comes with a USB outlet, doubling as a valuable charging station for your smartphone or other electronic devices. As well, it comes with a 6 speed Shimano derailleur as well as a luggage rack, and finally, Tektro brakes that immediately cut off the motor once applied.


The Quantum CR18 folds in four easy steps. 1: Flip the pedals upwards. This serve as a stand when the bike is fully folded. 2: Open the lever at the base of the handlebar and fold it over the right side. 3: Lower the saddle stem. This also serves as a stand once the folding is complete. 4: Open the lever on the right side of the frame, use your knee as a support and gently fold the frame.


This folding electric bicycle will meet any and all of your transportation needs, whatever they may be. Whether you be a professional that uses the bike to get to work, or would like to escape on a nice countryside ride, the CR18 is perfect for you. Once folded, this bike occupies a mere 0.35 m3. Feel free to consult the specs sheet as well for more information about the components.

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