49N Bicycle Inner Tube 700C 35-50mm (Presta)
49N SL 700C x 35-50MM P/V60 Bicycle Inner Tube.   A lightweight butyl innertube with a reduced thickness (-22%), weight-optimized 0.7mm wall for those performance-orientated riders looking to drop some rotational mass without totally sacrificing durability Easily identifiable from the ORANGE...
49N Bicycle Inner Tube ENDURO 27.5 2.1-2.6 (Presta)
  49N ENDURO 27.5x2.125-2.6" P/V48 Bicycle Inner Tube.   The Enduro butyl tubes see the standard wall thickness increased to 1.2mm (+33%) for improved durability and resistance to pinch punctures, especially pinch punctures Suitable for either your mountain bike or road/commuter...
49N Bicycle Inner Tube STD 26 1.95-2.40 (Schrader)
49N STD 26 x 1.95-2.40" S/V40 Bicycle Inner Tube.   The standard butyl innertube with a 0.9mm wall thickness that represents excellent value-for-money and strikes a nice balance between weight and durability S/V Schrader Valve (American Valve) with a 40mm valve...
ABUS Bordo 6000 Folding Bike Lock 90cm (HS Bracket)
THE STABILITY OF A U-LOCK COMBINED WITH THE FLEXIBILITY OF A CABLE LOCK, best for the ebike Stable, compact, flexible: the BORDO 6000 Folding Bike Lock is a must for every safety-conscious cyclist. ABUS Folding Lock.  The BORDO 6000 Folding...
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ABUS Bordo 6000 Folding Bike Lock 90cm (Velcro straps)
THE STABILITY OF A U-LOCK COMBINED WITH THE FLEXIBILITY OF A CABLE LOCK, best for the ebike Stable, compact, flexible: the BORDO 6000 Folding Bike Lock is a must for every safety-conscious cyclist. ABUS Folding Lock.   The BORDO 6000 Folding...
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ABUS Bordo 6500 XL 110 cm
ABUS Bordo Granit 6500K XPlus Big Folding lock.  The patented XPlus Key cylinder offers extremely high protection from picking and it can be keyed alike with other ABUS locks featuring the same XPlus cylinder - very convenient for multi-lock and...
ABUS Bordo Alarm 6000 Foldable Lock 90cm
BORDO ALARM 6000A THE FIRST ALARMED FOLDING BIKE LOCK ON THE MARKET Reliable protection against theft, high flexibility: the BORDO Alarm 6000A Something to make bike thieves think twice: as well as the ultra-safe mechanical features boasted by all of the...
ABUS Bordo Big 6000 Folding Lock 120cm
ABUS Folding Lock.  30cm of extra length, more flexibility: The BORDO Big 6000 Folding Lock makes it possible to lock one or several bicycles together even more conveniently. You are still getting the typical benefits of the ABUS classic: A...
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ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 Folding Bike Lock 85cm
A HIGH-SECURITY LOCK IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN, best for your ebike Capable of withstanding even the most determined of attacks: the BORDO GRANIT XPlusâ„¢ 6500 Folding Lock is worthy of many superlatives. Maximum strength for maximum security: the...
ABUS Cobra 10/500 black
COBRA is a very flexible and versatile cable. The two ends of this cable terminate in a loop to which a padlock can be attached. Your valuables can be tied together or to a fixed object easily with this cable....
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ABUS Frame Lock Pro Tectic 4960
easy to use and extremely secure frame bike lock With the Abus Pro tectic 4960 Frame Lock, your bike will stay safe and secure if you leave it unattended. Made in Germany. Add the Adaptor Chain lock for double protection! Technology:...
ABUS Nutfix (31.8 mm, 34.9 mm)
Prevents seat theft thanks to its patented gravity technology Cutting-edge technology for high protection. Easy assembly with standard key SW 8 Anodized surface provides lasting corrosion protection Stainless nut. Recommended for mid and high range bikes For the most common...
ABUS NutFix 100/135
Prevents wheel theft due to patented gravity technology Proven technology for a high level of picking protection Easy mounting with a standard wrench SW 8 The anodised surfaces of the caps provide long-term protection against corrosion Nuts manufactured from high-quality...
ABUS Shield Lock chain with bag
 Abus Shield with chain lock and bag The sturdy Abus chain lock, in addition to the Abus Shield frame lock, provides twice the security for your E-Bike. The 130 cm long chain is latched onto the frame lock and the...
ASHIMA Plaquettes de freins AD0201-SM
ASHIMA Street Fighter Plaquettes de freins
ASHIMA Magura Trial Hydraulic Rim Brake Pads Street Fighter BMX Bike Brakes Shoe Hydraulic Rim Brake BMX Bike, Trial Bike Pair
Avid 20R Linear brake pads
Avid Linear brake pads 20R V-Brake compatible Pair
AXA ULC Plug-In Chain Lock 130cm
Plug-In Chain Universal Lock This way a thief cannot pick up your bike and take it to a quiet place to open the lock. The ideal solution for that is the ULC 130 Plug-in chain. With this chain you operate...
Basil Basimply EC Front Basket
Bicycle baskets: fresh flowers, groceries, everything is possible! Our bicycle baskets are not just stylish, but also incredibly practical. Whether you shop daily at the market, or commute into work by bike, our baskets are on hand to make your...
Basil Bremen Front Basket
Front Bike basket. Steel, mesh, fixed mounting Height-adjustable basket Attachment system (included): Permanent fixing II EC for handlebars with diameter 22-26mm.
Basil Miles Rear Topcase 7L
Basil Miles Topcase.   Trunk bag, waterproof (IPX3)  Elastic cord on top and mesh side pockets  Removable and adjustable shoulder strap  Waterproof lining with roll top  Fastening: 4 straps at bottom  Compatible with iRack, Racktime and Carrymore system  Specifications  Volume: 7L ...
Basil Portland Bell 55mm
  • Aluminum
  • Black matte
  • Pink
  • Copper
Basil Portland Bell 55mm
Classic bell bike. Classic style aluminum bell Bell diameter: 55mm
  • Aluminum
  • Black matte
  • Pink
  • Copper
Basil Urban Fold Double bicycle bag
Urban Fold Double bag double bag, water-repellent recycled canvas water protective folding closure inner lining velcro closure two straps for LED/straps/child seat/spring clamp double reflection strap  The natural materials and colours give each bag a unique look. Products may vary...
  • Deep Denim Blue
Basil Urban Fold Messenger Bag 20L
The Basil Urban Fold Messenger is a practical and stylish choice of bike bag. This handy piece of cycling storage is made of a water-repellent canvas that stops your contents from becoming wet with rain water, making it a suitable...
  • Denim blue
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