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Since its founding in 2009 by Thomas Binggeli, Stromer has quickly risen the ranks and established themselves as an industry standard in eBikes. Inspired by what major technology corporations were doing around the world with renewable energy, such as Apple, Google & Tesla, Binggeli used his legendary design prowess to launch Stromer’s first electric assist bike model.

Binggeli had a mission to create an integrated cycling experience, one where the transition between electric and rider assistance was smooth and effortless. Stromer electric bike sticks out; it's well conceived, designed and finally, manufactured, perfect for the streets of Canada. 

Explore unique design, power, range and connectivity of Stromer electric bike

Stromer bike backs up its sleek, modern design with mobile device integration, allowing your smartphone to connect directly to your eBike via the Stromer app. The connectivity means the ride settings, the anti-theft program and GPS tracking can all be accessed from your phone and the digital display.

In March of 2013, the company opened its flagship store in Oberwangen, Switzerland. This facility is entirely powered by solar cells on its rooftop, staying true to the company’s core. A second assembly location for the European market is located in Riedstadt, Germany. This hub of innovation is where Stromer develops its famous in technology, culminating in the release of their ST2, the world’s first digitally connected electric bicycle. This firmly established Stromer as the industry leader and chief innovator in electric bikes, cementing its reputation as a premium electric bicycle brand.

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