Gepida eBikes

A tandem electric assist bike for the active couple

It all started in early 1993 in Murányiutca in Budapest's District VII. In his early twenties the Gepida founder wanted to upgrade my old Trabant as soon as possible. He rented a 400 square foot shop to store and assemble bikes, but most of the cycles he imported as ready bikes from Italy were kept in the loft of his house, which was upgraded to become his budding company's official warehouse.

By 1994, he was already trading in parts and renting a workshop 20 times bigger than my original space. As turnover increased, he upgraded the business into a limited liability company in 1996. It was in the same year that the first imported components arrived from Taiwan. Initially, these were frames, but these first deliveries were quickly followed by other parts from the Far East. Their biggest customers at this time were large stores and, although our present strategy has evolved in a different direction since, this period was very important in giving them the financial foundation for rapid expansion.

Why Gepida

Their key to quality is continual product development, creative planning, clear design, precision in assembly, up-to-date technology and the application of appropriate value for price. Their success in realizing these procedures is due to the enthusiasm that Gepida's team members have for bikes and cycling, which they try to “build into” into their bikes. 

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