Lezyne Floor Pump
FROM BIKE SHOP MECHANICS TO WORLD TOUR TECHNICIANS Our superior quality floor pumps have consistently been the number one choice of professionals worldwide. Our pump performance and durability is second to none because we’re dedicated to extensive designing and manufacturing...
Lezyne CO2 Twin Kit 25G
Compact, all-in-one CO2 and tire repair kit. Includes Twin Speed Drive, two threaded CO2 cartridges (16g or 25g), and a Lever Kit. Custom neoprene and velcro strap secures all items together. Kit easily fits in most packs, jersey pockets, or...
Lezyne BLOX 23 Multi-tool
Versatile shop quality multi-tool in a portable size. Lightweight CNC machined aluminum side plates. Extra long, forged CRV+ anti-corrosion steel bits. Cast stainless steel chain breaker (8/9/10/11 speed chains). Three spoke wrenches integrated into chain breaker. SPECS COLORS:  BLOX 23: ...
Threaded CO2 cartridges for use with all Lezyne CO2 inflators. 25g CO2 cartridges contain a larger charge suitable for high volume MTB tires. Available as 5-piece refill packs or counter top boxes (20 quantity for 25g cartridges).
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