Schwalbe Spikes Winter Tire
WINTER Tire With 120 spikes, the Winter provides excellent control on glassy ice. Only in extreme cornering is its big brother Marathon Winter superior. The tire Winter offers great benefits at an entry-level price: 50 EPI reflective lines K-Guard 28x1.35...
Schwalbe Spikes Tire Marathon Winter Plus
WINTER BIKE TIRE With 240 spikes. you have full control on icy roads with the Marathon Winter Plus. Even in tight bends and under violent braking everything remains under control, thanks to special Winter compound and lamella tread. For best...
Magura RIM Brake Pads Red
BRAKE PADS, KOOLSTOP RED ▪ High braking power – Your bike is daily in use in all weather conditions. Many traffic lights and stops require the maximum power of your brakes. ▪ race oriented brake pad ▪ for all HS-Brakes ▪...
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