Tires & Brake pad

49N Bicycle Inner Tube 700C 35-50mm (Presta)
49N SL 700C x 35-50MM P/V60 Bicycle Inner Tube.   A lightweight butyl innertube with a reduced thickness (-22%), weight-optimized 0.7mm wall for those performance-orientated riders looking to drop some rotational mass without totally sacrificing durability Easily identifiable from the ORANGE...
49N Bicycle Inner Tube ENDURO 27.5 2.1-2.6 (Presta)
49N ENDURO 27.5x2.125-2.6" P/V48 Bicycle Inner Tube.   The Enduro butyl tubes see the standard wall thickness increased to 1.2mm (+33%) for improved durability and resistance to pinch punctures, especially pinch punctures Suitable for either your mountain bike or road/commuter bike...
49N Bicycle Inner Tube STD 26 1.95-2.40 (Schrader)
49N STD 26 x 1.95-2.40" S/V40 Bicycle Inner Tube.   The standard butyl innertube with a 0.9mm wall thickness that represents excellent value-for-money and strikes a nice balance between weight and durability S/V Schrader Valve (American Valve) with a 40mm valve...
Continental CONTACT 700 X 37 Wire Reflex Tire
Continental CONTACT Versatile and Reliable Tire.   Contact-tough and all-rounder for those big trips. The versatile all-rounder for the trekking bike, reliable over any type of terrain. The lamella tread structure gives sure footed grip. Features the most popular tread design...
Continental Inner Tube (Tire) PRESTA - 26 X 1.75-2.5 - 42mm
Dimension: PRESTA Tube Stem Length: 42mm INNER TUBE 26 X 1.75-2.5 - PV 42MM  Weight: 200g
Continental Inner Tube (Tire) PRESTA - 27 X 1.75-2.5 - 42mm
Dimension: PRESTA Tube Stem Length: 42mm INNER TUBE 27.5 X 1.75-2.5 - PV 42MM  Weight: 210g
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Continental Inner Tube (Tire) PRESTA - 700 X 18-25 - 42mm
Dimension: PRESTA 700 X 18-25 - PV 42mm Tube Stem Length: 42mm Weight: 100g
Continental Inner Tube (Tire) SCHRADER - 20 X 1.9-2.5 - 34mm
Dimension: SCHRADER 20 x 1.9-2.5 - SV 34mm Tube Stem Length: 34mm Weight: 145g
Kenda Inner Tube (Tire) - SCHRADER - 20 X 1.75-2.35 - 35mm
Standard 1mm tube thickness Schrader valve Wheel Diameter: 20'' Tube Width: 1.75-2.35 Valve Length: 35mm
Kenda Inner Tube (Tire) - SCHRADER - 26 X 1.75-2.35 - 35mm
Standard 1mm tube thickness Schrader valve Wheel Diameter: 26'' Tube Width: 1.75-2.35 Valve Length: 35mm
Lezyne CO2 Refill 5 Pack x 25g
Threaded CO2 cartridges for use with all Lezyne CO2 inflators. 25g CO2 cartridges contain a larger charge suitable for high volume MTB tires. Available as 5-piece refill packs or counter top boxes (20 quantity for 25g cartridges).
Lezyne CO2 Twin Kit 2 x 25g
Compact, all-in-one CO2 and tire repair kit. Includes Twin Speed Drive, two threaded CO2 cartridges (25g), and a Lever Kit. Custom neoprene and velcro strap secures all items together. Kit easily fits in most packs, jersey pockets, or can be...
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Magura RIM Brake Pads Red
BRAKE PADS, KOOLSTOP RED ▪ High braking power – Your bike is daily in use in all weather conditions. Many traffic lights and stops require the maximum power of your brakes. ▪ race oriented brake pad ▪ for all HS-Brakes ▪...
Pirelli Cycl-e XTs Tire 700x42C
  The Cycl-e XT and XTs are designed to benefit from the reliability and total safety of Pirelli technology even on gravel roads and extend the pleasure of using the bike even outside the city boundaries. Outperforms on safety and...
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Schwalbe Big Apple Tire
The Schwalbe Big Apple tire is a great urban tire for both regular and electric bicycles. Great comfort, long life, puncture resistance, and good grip make this a popular tire. The Schwalbe Big Apple has a large volume of air inside the tire...
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Schwalbe Big Ben Plus Tire 28x2
The Schwalbe Big Ben Plus is a favorite with commuters due to its balloon tire technology so the larger volume of air inside the tire acts as a suspension cushion. This technology comes with an extra 3mm Greenguard protection layer...
Schwalbe Big Ben Tire 26x2.15
Schwalbe Bicycle tire.   Tire Diameter/ISO: 26''/559 Tire Width: 2.15 TPI: 50TPI Tire PSI: 30-55 Bead: Wire Tire Weight: 910g Tire Compound: SBC Tire Technology: KevlarGuard Tire Type: Clincher Color: Brown Tire Width Range: 1.90 - 2.25 Labeled Size: 26''x2.15...
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Schwalbe Energizer Plus Tire 28x1.5
Schwalbe Energizer Plus tire - Made for electric bikes The Energizer Plus has a smooth center section and strong diamond sides. It rolls easily on the road and has good grip, even on unpaved ground. The newly created compound is...
Schwalbe Inner Tube (Tire) PRESTA - 24x1.5-2.35 - 40mm
Dimension: PRESTA Wheel Diameter: 24'' Tube Width: 1.50-2.35 Valve Length: 40mm Shaft Type: Threaded Weight: 165g
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Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 Tire 700x45C
New rubber compound for all four seasons, so that you can remain on track even when it's wet. Larger studs on the side and the open tread design provide more traction on unpaved off-road tracks.Tire Diameter/ISO: 700C/622 Tire Width: 45C TPI:...
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Schwalbe Marathon HS420 Tire 28x1.5
The archetypal high quality touring tire. The highly elastic GreenGuard layer is 3 mm thick. One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products. The “Anti-Aging” sidewall can withstand the typical cracking that results from  overloading due...
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tire 28x1.40
Unrivaled Puncture Protection The Schwalbe Marathon Plus is the most puncture-resistant tire on the market. The thick tread of the Schwalbe Marathon Plus is very wear-resistant and will last a lot longer than a regular bike tire. The compound offers...
Schwalbe Spikes Tire Marathon Winter Plus
WINTER BIKE TIRE With 240 spikes. you have full control on icy roads with the Marathon Winter Plus. Even in tight bends and under violent braking everything remains under control, thanks to special Winter compound and lamella tread. For best...
Schwalbe Spikes Winter Tire 28x1.35-700x35C
WINTER Tire With 120 spikes, the Winter provides excellent control on glassy ice. Only in extreme cornering is its big brother Marathon Winter superior. The tire Winter offers great benefits at an entry-level price: 50 EPI reflective lines K-Guard 28x1.35...
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