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BionX Charger for Li-Mn 37V Batteries
This is a charger for LiMn batteries (lithium manganese). - 37v nominal voltage of the battery being charged. For 10S batteries. - 41.5v end of charge voltage, 4.15v by cells. - 2A of charge current - 100 to 240VAC input voltage - XLR4 style connector. Comes...
BionX Charger (Power Supply) 90W-26V-3.45A
Charger (Power Supply) 90W-26V-3.45A for all 48V batteries. North American Cord is included with the charger.
Bosch Compact Battery Charger 2A
Your Best Companion - Bosch eBike Battery Charger This new Bosch Compact 2A charger is used to charge the battery on the Active / Performance Line Bosch eBike systems. This can be used with both the 300Wh, 400Wh & 500Wh...
Bosch Standard Battery Charger 4A
The fastest Bosch battery charger for eBikes Standard, durable and fast 4 amp Bosch eBikes charger for all Bosch 400w and 500w battery power packs. Suitable for any brand bike you have with the Bosch motor whether it's the frame...
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