The lightest folding eBikes in the market

Quantum’s goal is to create the most powerful and lightest folding electric bikes that would redefine cities and the way we commute around them. The variety of Quantum eBikes will suit any of your cycling needs. Elegant, practical and easy to transport, all of our electric bikes will follow you around Montreal and other cities in the world.

Whether your apartment has a limited storage space, or your commute involves trains or buses, a folding electric bikes can solve any of your problems. They can be easily folded in a compact and portable form that you can take with you up the stairs or fit in the trunk of your car. The frame is made from the lightweight aluminum, allowing a rider to easily lift and carry a bike with them.

Why Quantum 

Our folding electric assist bicycles are designed to be a reliable mode of transportation that will not only get you from A to B, but also ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride along the way. The motor-assisted bikes will save you energy and time, allowing you to go further distances and go up hills with no problem. The motor we use on our bikes ensures safe but fast acceleration.

In September 2019 Quantum has released its first non-folding electric bike, Runner. It is designed to become your new winter bike, featuring a comfort style sturdy frame and a completely waterproof MPF Drive motor. 

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