Bosch Rack Mount Battery - PowerPack 400

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Go further with Bosch

With increased range, the new PowerPack 400 is the perfect choice for e-mountain bikers, athletic riders, commuters, and everyone who wants to ride further distances.
The lithium-ion battery has the highest energy density with the smallest possible size and lightest weight. In this way you can ride up even steep mountains or on trails with obstacles on your tour.
  • Lowest weight in its class
  • Fastest charging of all eBike batteries
  • Simple handling thanks to handle and mount
  • Battery Management System and individual cell monitoring for a long battery life
  • Thanks to the handle and mount, the batteries can be easily inserted and removed again. The only thing easier is charging the PowerPacks directly on the pedelec.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have neither memory nor self-discharge effects. This means the PowerPacks can also be partially recharged at any time – without affecting the service life.


  • Mount type: Porter battery
  • Voltage (V): 36 V
  • Capacity (Ah): 11 Ah
  • Energy content (Wh): 400 Wh
  • Charging Cycles: 500 - 600
  • Dimensions: 372 x 76 x 122 mm


  • 11 Ah = up to 130 km (Powerpack 400)


  • 11 Ah = 2.5 kg (PowerPack 400)