Oxford Mint 365 Bike Lube

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Highly durable, All year round, Biodegreable lubricant, desgined for all year round extreme weather conditions to prevent debris build up on your drive chain, ideal for all weather condition use across all drive chain components and cables.

  • Biodegradeable lubricant 
  • Additives for year round use

There’s no nicer feeling than swinging your leg over an immaculately prepared bike… sparklingly clean, with perfectly maintained components and a deep lustre to the paintwork.

The same can be said for your riding kit; fresh-smelling, waterproofed and in perfect order.

We don’t all have time to prepare to show standards, so the products need to be high performance, easy to use and safe on all surfaces.

The MINT range of products uses clever formulations developed with an in-depth knowledge of the riding environment and includes:-

Powerful, safe, biodegradable, streak-free cleaners.
Easy-to-apply, high performing lubes and maintenance sprays.
Quick and easy detailing products, with a long-lasting finish.
FAST, EFFECTIVE, SAFE… all with a minty fresh odour.