Why go electric and why go folding electric?

Electric folding bikes are lightweight, powerful and exceptionally practical; they can take you to places where no traditional or standard electric bikes can be used. The eBike market is growing rapidly as people realize the benefits of this unique hybrid mode of transportation and the world of folding bikes is no different. Electric folding bikes are an ideal solution for urban transportation because they can be folded into very small sizes, making it easier to store in condos and homes that are generally smaller than in the suburbs.

The bikes are incredibly portable. What is wonderful about this little toy is that it can be put anywhere. You can fold it to bring it on the subway, on the bus and easily stow it away once your trip is over. Electric bikes are often equipped with handles built into the frame in order to facilitate transportation on the steps.

The best use of a folding electric bike is for commuting because distances are generally shorter. If you live in a metropolitan city, it's quite possible that folding electric bikes are the ultimate machine to get to work. The large number of convenience factors for a folding electric bike makes it the smartest choice for commuting in the city. In addition, the bendability and lightness of these bikes can help prevent theft, which is a huge problem in most cities. Instead of letting your bike out in front of everyone, you can fold it and bring it with you to your office, to your home, wherever you are. No worries about whether your bike will be there when you go back from your errands or your day at work.

Wondering what some of the advantages of folding eBike are? Well, there are quite a few:

- No license to ride on a folding electric bike

- Increased protection against theft (folding bikes allow users to easily keep an eye on their bike and bring it to offices, shops or even restaurants.

- Portable and light (it also means that you can take your bike with you on public transport such as: bus, metro, trains and other means of transport, allowing you to quickly cover long distances and cover the last leg of your trip with your power-assisted bike).

- Easy, cheap and sweat-free for commuting. (One of the reasons to get a folding electric bike is to go to work without sweating because no one likes to get to work drenched in sweat when the weather is nice).

- Never worry about running out of battery (one of the biggest advantages of a foldable electric bike is that it can be used entirely manually, if you run out of energy, you can simply drive your bike as you normally would until you have the chance to recharge yourself). This makes them extraordinarily versatile and allows you to make long journeys on your bike without fear of being blocked when there is more power.

- Avoid traffic. (Of course, please do not ignore the traffic rules and try to sneak around cars, it's dangerous even for bicycles without a motor.) However, folding electric bikes can adapt to places that cars cannot!

- Safe from theft. Standard bicycles are extremely vulnerable even when left locked. Even the thickest and safest U-locks can be cracked and destroyed in minutes by enterprising bicycle thieves. This is even more important for standard electric bikes - they are expensive, bulky and cannot really be carried indoors, making them prime targets for bike thieves. Folding electric bicycles avoid theft by being foldable and portable. You do not need to lock them outside, you can just take them to your apartment, office or wherever you are, and if you're in public, you can ask someone to keep an eye on your bike behind the counter, or stick it near your seat in a restaurant.

- Easy storage. Nowadays, space is scarce in all urban apartments, and foldable electric bikes occupy much less space than their traditional cousins, with up to 70% less storage space in some cases. This allows you to store your bike in a discreet place and away when you do not need it, without sacrificing floor space or wall space. On top of that, they fold in seconds!

- Those who practice camping, for 3 reasons: easy storage in a trailer or other recreational vehicle, well adapted to short trips within the campsite, can be shared by all members of the family because they are easily adjustable.

- Boat owners: space being restricted on a boat, a folding eBike may be attached to the railing or stored in the hull. It allows you to move on land when the boat is docked at the harbor or marina.

For the reasons above, including the portability, easy storage and safety of the bike, you'll understand that power-assisted bikes are not only an active mode of transportation but a way of life. Quantum eBikes offers power-assisted folding bicycles including Broadway and Crescent, which features a Bosch Active plus engine. Dare to change your way of thinking and discover the pleasure of an electrified mode of transportation!


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