It’s true that Swiss people do not produce cars, but Stromer manufactures much better electric bikes. The Stromer electric bikes offer an incomparable autonomy, power and versatility; not only are they good for the environment, they are not harmful to the environment, whilst being chic and stylish. Discover the new references for urban mobility with the Stromer, the best electric bicycles and permit me to talk to you about the engine, as well as its motorization.

On the Stromer ST1 engine, the torque acts directly on the rear wheel and turns into a propulsion. Conversely, with central engines, the torque is engaged before the derailleur gears, and is transmitted by the derailleur gear. It is therefore difficult to compare a central engine with an engine that’s integrated in the hub of the rear wheel.

In the engine’s specifications, Stromer St1 review always indicates the nominal torque. The nominal torque is the torque that can be called over a period of time. The maximum torque is significantly higher.

TDCM: Electric engine for bikes, Stromer the best and the most connected electric bike.

The Stromer ST1 electric bike uses a direct drive hub engine (like Bionx), which is manufactured by the Taiwanese company TDCM. Since 1995, TDCM focuses on the development and production of electric drive systems for electric bicycles, as well as for other applications, such as medical devices. Their durability is well-known in the market.

The TDCM configuration on the Stromer ST1 is an exclusive design for Stromer. The heart of the system is a direct drive, brushless motor with a nominal power of 500 watts and a minimum and maximum torque of 30 Nm and 40 Nm, respectively. Although it is heavier than others engines such as Bionx, the TDCM engine is an engine that has a lower sensitivity to heat accumulation during uphill climbing or downhill regeneration.

By accumulating less heat, the electric motor enables you to have maximum propulsion on steep slopes. When climbing, it is preferable that your electric bicycle continually propels you to the top, without breaking.

Stromer uses a TMM4 torque sensor that is built into the rear output, unlike the Bionx engine which has a built-in controller on the engine. The advantage of the external controller is that, it is easy to maintain and it has a very high heat tolerance. The Stomer's 500 watt electric motor is very reliable, maybe a little bit heavier, but has many advantages to cover-up for this inconvenience. This type of sensor for electric bike has for a very long time been used by the Dutch. It is reliable and well concealed on the bikes.

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