49N Bicycle Inner Tube 700C 35-50mm (Presta)
49N SL 700C x 35-50MM P/V60 Bicycle Inner Tube.   A lightweight butyl innertube with a reduced thickness (-22%), weight-optimized 0.7mm wall for those performance-orientated riders looking to drop some rotational mass without totally sacrificing durability Easily identifiable from the ORANGE...
49N Bicycle Inner Tube ENDURO 27.5 2.1-2.6 (Presta)
  49N ENDURO 27.5x2.125-2.6" P/V48 Bicycle Inner Tube.   The Enduro butyl tubes see the standard wall thickness increased to 1.2mm (+33%) for improved durability and resistance to pinch punctures, especially pinch punctures Suitable for either your mountain bike or road/commuter...
49N Bicycle Inner Tube STD 26 1.95-2.40 (Schrader)
49N STD 26 x 1.95-2.40" S/V40 Bicycle Inner Tube.   The standard butyl innertube with a 0.9mm wall thickness that represents excellent value-for-money and strikes a nice balance between weight and durability S/V Schrader Valve (American Valve) with a 40mm valve...
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